Cabinet of Baroque Curiosities

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Cabinet of Baroque Curiosities

A Gesamtkunstwerk of commedia dell’arte, dance and live music combined from Gregorio Lambranzi’s Neue and Curieuse Theatralische Tantz-Schul (New and Curious Theatrical Dance School) and Deliciae Theatralis (Theatrical Delicacies)  



Welcome to the cabinet of baroque curiosities! The things that await you include authentic scenery, costumes, live music and, most of all, dance. You will be able to watch some peculiar dances such as one of the smallest clown, legs without torso or a doll made of spoons. You will visit the world of commedia dell’arte, learning about the ways Harlequins, Pantalones, drunk villagers, little housemaids, overeaten merchants and infatuated gondoliers live nowadays.

The project has been supported by the municipal government of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the State Culture Heritage Fund.





Kamila Durichová

Tereza Honzlová

Jitka Pokorná

Veronika Rozhonová

Vladimír Kočí

Ivan Koreček

Lukáš Klement

Martin Vajgl




harpsichord – Martin Šmíd 

soprano – Magdalena Šmídová Turchichová

mezzo-soprano – Kristýna Franková

flauto traverso – Martina Bernášková

violin – Jan Hádek

cello – Ondřej Michal




Musica cum gaudio


Stage direction:


Přemysl Bukovský